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Our Instructors

Sensei Sharyl Geisert

Sensei Sharyl Geisert
Owner/Director of White Tiger Karate

Sensei Sharyl Geisert, is the owner and chief instructor at White Tiger Karate, LLC, a well-respected business located in Franklin, NH. Through her efforts she has touched the lives of many children as well as adults. The powerful difference one can expect as a student from her is to be treated with respect, acceptance, and as family. She takes the time to listen and work together with families to find solutions to problems such as difficulties in school, bullying, domestic violence issues, or substance abuse.

Sensei Geisert studies Bill Gregory's Kajukenpo and Pai lum Kung Fu under her teacher, Grandmaster Georganne Verigan. She also studies under Sifu Aaron Butler in kung fu and internal arts. Her resume also includes studying Shaolin Kempo, Tae kwon Do, Chin na, Tai Chi, and she is a certified instructor in Women's Rape Prevention by AWSDA, the American Women's Self-Defense Association. In addition to being involved in the martial arts, "Sensei Sharyl", as known by her students, has trained and competed in a multitude of athletics including Olympic training in the javelin and Olympic weight lifting where she placed 10th in the world.

Compassion and helping people has been a life long journey and commitment for Sensei Sharyl. She has had the pleasure of serving her community as teacher, coach, fire fighter/emergency medical technician, and youth care specialist. Her educational expertise and joy of sport have created the avenue to help others help themselves by building a healthier self-image, improved self-esteem, and as a deterrent to drugs, smoking, alcohol, and other negative behaviors. She has become a leader in issues such as ADHD, ADD, behavioral issues, anger management, and physical adaptations and is recommended by such professional Groups as Riverfront Medical Group and Genesis Behavioral Health. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education and Health and her Master's of Science in Recreation and Leisure with Therapeutic Recreation as her specialty.

Sensei Sharyl guides students to set and attain higher standards for themselves and for those around them in all aspects of their lives. She leads by example the importance of giving back to the community by donating thousands of hours of free classes in karate and women's self defense. These classes are held all over the state as well as at local events. Sensei Sharyl was chosen as "One of the Top Women you Should Know in NH" for her outstanding commitment to the safety and well being of her community, was honored as the "Woman of Achievement" 2012 by Business and Professional Women's Club and leads classes on empowerment as part of curriculum under NEMCI at Plymouth State.

Sensei Sharyl organizes charity events for or contributes to local organizations such as Make A Wish Foundation of NH, hospice care in Laconia and Concord, area food banks, Spaulding Youth Center, community NH families hit by catastrophic events, and the Franklin Animal Shelter. On a broader scope events or aid have assisted St. Jude's Children's Hospital, Human Rights Campaign, Firefighters Fund-Children's Burn Unit, Aids research, the fight against breast cancer, and the American Red Cross. Sensei Sharyl also touches local families struggling from illness, injury or economic hardships with the help of her students, friends and community members with local fundraisers such as the Tilton/Northfield Old home day festivities and the annual White Tiger Karate Halloween hayride and hike.

Sensei Suzanne Plante

Sensei Suzanne Plante

“Sensei Sue” began her martial arts training after observing her son’s enjoyment of karate. During her first year, Sue stood out in her dedication to learning and sharing her knowledge of the martial arts. This unselfish attitude and devotion earned her a spot on the Special Winning Attitude Team (SWAT) where she was able to assist her fellow students of all ages in reaching his or her goals. In 2005, she was awarded the title “Sempai” (head student) for her teaching ability, her outstanding efforts toward helping fellow classmates as well as assisting individuals outside of the martial arts. Upon earning her black belt Sempai Sue was awarded the title of Sensei which means “Teacher” as she had already established herself as that amongst her peers.

The personal benefits Sensei Sue has experienced in the martial arts include a shared passion with her son, mental stimulation, improved focus, and better health. In addition to teaching karate, she is dedicated to educating and empowering women by teaching them effective no nonsense ways of self-defense. As a certified AWSDA Rape Prevention Instructor, she can do just that by holding women-only self-defense classes. Sensei Sue has continued to expand her training to include parent/child self defense where she teaches children how to protect themselves from human predators as well as educating parents about the dangers our children face today.

Sensei Sue attended and graduated from Northeast Institute of Whole Health in December, 2008 where she studied massage therapy. Sensei Sue successfully completed her National Examinations, her NH state licensure and is now a licensed massage therapist (LMT). She also has her certification in advanced aroma therapy where she uses natural health and fitness through the use of essential oils to aid in a more sound mind and body. Anyone who has had Sensei Sue work on them knows she is a gifted healer. You can book a massage with her at Whitten Chiropractic’s in Concord or through the studio.

Sensei Sue trains with Sensei Sharyl under the direction of Grandmaster Georganne Verigan in Bill Gregory’s Kajukenpo and Pailum Kung Fu. She also has a background in Shaolin Kempo Karate, Tai Chi, Ba Qua, and enjoys practicing Filipino knife fighting.

Instructor Aaron Little

Sempai Aaron Little

Sempai Aaron is a true warrior serving the United States Army for over 10 years and a martial artist for 27 years. His credentials include 2nd degree black belt in both WTF and ITF Tae Kwon Do, 1st degree black belt in Uechi Ryu karate, brown belt in Brazilian Jujitsu, five years law enforcement defensive tactics training, and level four combatives instructor. Sempai Aaron leads our kicking and grappling classes with an old school approach, hard work with great benefits. His dedication to these classes and to the students has paid off in tournaments where our students are leaders in sparring. He also assists in our women's self defense classes and children's classes.

Nita Tomaszewski

Muay Tai Kick Boxing & Adult Aikido: Coach Nita Tomaszewski

Nita learned from the BEST Muay Tai fighter ever, Alex Gong, her son. Alex won numerous Championships Worldwide and like his mother, a wonderful human being and teacher. With his guidance and Nita's passion for the art she learned from and taught for Alex in his San Francisco gym. She continues the tradition at White Tiger Karate teaching Muay Tai Kick boxing to the beginner level up to the elite athlete. She is the “True Teacher” of this incredible martial art following the traditions instilled by the practitioners of Thailand. There are no belts or ranks in this martial art as a true Muay Tai practitioner will tell you, “You win or lose the battle.” Nita is also the head instructor for the adult Aikido class and studies other forms of traditional Japanese Budo.

Nita Tomaszewski

Tai Chi Chuan: Aaron Butler

Aaron began his martial arts training at age six in kenpo karate, by age 19 he turned his focus to Chinese Martial arts. He has been teaching professionally for the past 13 years. Aaron has concentrated his teachings in kung fu systems for health, mindfullness and martial skill. His curriculum seamlessly combines the development of these benefits. Aaron has and continues to train with some of the highest level instructors including Grand Master Sam Chin, Master Ping Chen, Guru Bernard Langdon, Shihan Jason Delucia, Kru John Johnston, Master Bill Wallace and many more.

In Tai Chi class principles, body alignment, and awareness development are taught clearly and thoroughly for beginner and intermediate students. Standing Taiji postures, two person exercises, breathing and energy training are all a part of the Taiji practice. Student's will have ample time to develop skill and attain the healthful benefits. For more information on Aaron Butler visit his web page


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